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Art Exhibition “DEPTH OF HOPE”


Visitors are watching the paintings/Photo by: Koam Tivea

On Thursday, February 25, 2010, I’ve visited an art exhibition at REYUM INSTITUTE with some of my classmates. “Dept of Hope” is the topic of this exhibition which started from 25 February, 2010 to 08 April, 2010. During this occasion, 22 beautiful paintings by artist Chhim Sothy are showing there. So far, he has exhibited his artwork in many exhibitions in Phnom Penh, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, France and the US.

Chhim Sothy said that he had been working on this series of 22 paintings for more than 2 years and had tried to find quiet moments and spaces to do this but it was not easy. Each one of these paintings has meanings about nature and human beings, and he also tries to work with traditional themes and motifs while using mixed media and contemporary arts techniques.

His hope is that other artists get inspiration from his work and dare to explore traditional topics in a contemporary way. He himself has been trained in traditional painting techniques.

Chhim Sothy was born in Kandal Province in 1969 and he studied traditional painting, poster design, and modern painting at the Department of plastic Arts, Royal University of Fine Arts from 1985 to 1996. He is the deputy director of the Department of Fine Arts and Handicrafts at the Ministry of Culture.

Exhibition on the topic “Dept of Hope” is part of Reyum’s ongoing efforts to provide a platform for artists to get exposure, thus encouraging them to continue their creative work. This exhibition get the support from THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, THE ALBERT KUNSTADTER FAMILY FOUNDATOIN, and THE PRINCE CLAUS FUND.

Written by: Dara Saoyuth

Written date: 04/03/2010

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Price List of Chhim Sothy Paintings

N Khmer Title English Title Painting Size Price
1 បុរីក្រហម Red city 102 x 127 cm $1200
2 មនុស្ស និង ធម្មជាតិ Men and nature 100 x 127 cm $950
3 សំពត់ពណ៌លឿង Yellow robe 91 x 91 cm $500
4 គ្រួសារសិល្បករ Artist’s family 102 x 152 cm $1500
5 ក្តីសង្ឃឹម Hope 91 x 91 cm $500
6 អារម្មណ៍រំភើប Emotion 120 x 120 cm $990
7 សត្វស្លាប Bird 90 x 90 cm $500
8 ធម្មជាតិ Nature 120 x 120 cm $990
9 ក្រោមដំបូលថ្មី Under the new roof 180 x 92 cm $2500
10 បរិស្ថានដ៏ល្អ Best environment 102 x 102 cm $700
11 ការចងចាំ Memory 102 x 128 cm $1300
12 រដ្តសង្សារ Life cycle 73 x 92 cm $500
13 ជីវិតអាថ៌កំបាំង Abstract life 120 x 120 cm $990
14 ព្រះគង្គា Water goddess 120 x 80 cm $900
15 ពិភពលោកថ្មី New world 111 x 142 cm $1200
16 សំណង់ថ្មី New building 82 x 110 cm $750
17 សេចក្តីស្នេហា Love 91 x 122 cm $750
18 ក្រោយសង្គ្រាម After war 105 x 95 cm $750
19 របាំ Dancing movement 127 x 100 cm $900
20 បាតុភូតធម្មជាតិ Natural phenomenon 127 x 100 cm $900
21 អាឡោះអាល័យគ្រួសារ Nostalgia 120 x 120 cm $990
22 ភាពស្ងប់ស្ងាត់នៃពណ៌ក្រហម Red silence 122 x 122 cm $1100

Written by: Dara Saoyuth

Written date: 04/03/2010

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