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Having fixed price is better

Today, I went out looking for a keyboard protector for my new mac book pro and I began realizing that having a fixed price for goods is far better.

When every shop sticks the price tag on products, customer like me doesn’t need to bargain because I can just go through different shops checking and comparing prices. Moreover, by doing this, I don’t think that the shops dares to increase too much price if they want to compete with the others.

Micro Keyboard Surface Preservative Protective Film For MACbook Application

The problem here in Cambodia is that not many shops put the price tags on their products, so prices vary depend on different sellers. The real example is that this afternoon, I went to a computer center asking for my laptop keyboard protector and the seller show me the brand of Micro For Macbook Application made in China. The online price is US $5.79, but that shop set the first price is US $10. When I asked what price they actually wanted to sell, they claimed for US $8. However, when I went to another shop, the seller set the first price of US $5, and the price dropped to US $4 immediately after I asked how much she actually wanted to sell.

From the above example, we can see that the price of the same goods is double. If you are good at bargaining, it will not be a problem; however, for a person like me will face a big problem because I don’t like bargaining. In conclusion, I prefer having the fixed price though sometimes the price is a bit more expensive, but I don’t feel being cheated too much.

By: Dara Saoyuth
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