Outside shooting for the first time

It’s one month already that we have started our video production course. We have learnt a lot in both theoretical  and practical things. However, today is our first day to take camera to shoot outside in a class assignment. The topic is about entertaining places in Phnom Penh. We are lucky enough to have chosen Olympic Stadium as our shooting place because we know clearly where we can shoot since we all used to go there.

The location is good, but difficulties cannot be the exception. Some main challenges for us are including sound operating and sources choice.

I have posted some photos during our video shooting, but please don’t laugh at us because it’s our first experience:

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By: Dara Saoyuth

About Saoyuth

A graduate in Media Management with experiences working as a reporter with local and international news institutions, a multimedia team leader and a TV Producer for a LIVE News Show. Currently, I am a freelance video maker and social media consultant.

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  1. I will not laugh and also I didn’t laugh too when I saw your pictures here. It will be a good experiences for you and as well as your team na.

    • Thanks so much Lyda for your encouragement… I will post the video online when we finish editing it so that we can get some comments from people esp from you.

  2. Yes! I am waiting to see it! and will give you some comments too.

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