Going to a church for the first time

Youth pray for Jesus Christ

Youth pray for Jesus Christ / by: Dara Saoyuth

Have you ever gone to a church? In what occasion? And what do you find interesting there?

In a long chat last night with my friend, I became interested after being invited to join her tomorrow in going to Phnom Penh New Life Church situated in Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang 2, Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This morning I had to set my phone alarm to 5:30am so that I can reach the place on time. However, my finger pressed stop button as soon as it rang and that’s why I didn’t wake up until I got a telephone call from her.

With my second plan I used to cope with getting up late, we were able to go there just on time.


Youth gather to study bible

After Order of Worship, Youth gather on the top floor learning bible / by: Dara Saoyuth

As soon as I rode motor into a parking lot, many questions came to my mind starting from “Why are there many people here?”.

My friend walked in front of me up the stairs to the meeting room where I could see many people were in their seats already waiting for the program to start. Along the way up to the hall, I noticed that there were a few people standing on each landing to welcome all the guests including me and my friend.

We had our seats in the front of the room so that I could see very clearly what’s happening in front of me except what people at the back were doing.

The program started and I began to adapt myself to the environment surrounding me.

“Don’t ask me during the time and I’ll answer every questions from you after that,” said my friend as soon as the program started. She must know that I have lots of questions and it’s true.


Bible and Praise Song

Bible and Praise Song / by: Dara Saoyuth

There were lots of programs one follow another, but to me, most of the programs are entertaining, not too serious. I stated like this due to the fact that many times that people came to the stage and sang songs praising their god. There are three groups who went on stage to sing a group song ranking from children group, teenager group and adult group.

There are many more things to write to totally express my feeling over this visited, but I’m afraid that all of you think I’m writing a book instead of a blog post.

As I like taking new experiences, I hope I can go there again in the future and bring something new to you as my visitors.

By: Dara Saoyuth

About Saoyuth

A graduate in Media Management with experiences working as a reporter with local and international news institutions, a multimedia team leader and a TV Producer for a LIVE News Show. Currently, I am a freelance video maker and social media consultant.

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  1. Dara you made me remember my first time there. It was amazed, strange, kind of fun. There is no limitation or rule that you suppose to write like this or that since this is your blog. Man that was long time ago of such an experience now your writing trigger my joy feeling again. Thank a lot dara . I hope you continue doing this cool work experience new thing and share your first day there with us. Good night.

    • Hi Seila. Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course, I will continue bringing my visitors to experience something I find interesting. I plan to write another post about what come to my mind after going to the church. I separate it because recently, I received comment from one of visitors saying that she feels like reading book because of too much text. All of comments are appreciated and taken into consideration.

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