Press Release from the Cambodian Youth Arts Festival 2010 (CYAF)

Below is the original press release I get from the Cambodian Youth Arts Festival 2010 that describe in detail about the program.

Festival for All: Cambodian Youth Arts Festival 2010

Phnom Penh, August 10, 2010—Through the Cambodian Youth Arts Festival 2010 (CYAF), artists from different backgrounds from 24 art institutions from Cambodia and the world including disabled artists, have been joining hands together to showcase a diverse array of Cambodian art forms. The festival will end on August 11th.

Upcoming performances will be just as impressive including Large Shadow Puppetry (an intangible cultural heritage preserved by UNESCO and will be performed collaboratively by the four remaining puppet groups that have never played together; innovative Mohauri Song by Meng Keo Pichta; Pop Song by Pou Khlaing, Hem Sivon, and Soh Mach; contemporary dance by Epic Arts; Hip Hop dance by Tiny Toones; Spoken Theater, and folk dances.

Since August 7th, more than 3,000 people, both local and international, came to the sold out performances that included Teveak Sreysuor, a classical dance taken from the carvings of Bayon temple and was re-created in late 2009; Saen Phum, indigenous dances; the international musical, Winds of Angkor that included Bosba Panh among its performers; Chapei Dang Weng by legendary Master Kong Nai; the international rock operal, Where the Elephants Weep, contemporary dance; circus and many others.

CYAF aims to increase awareness of the arts, both traditional and contemporary, among Cambodians youth, educators, practitioners, and supporters. 500 artists from different backgrounds have been participating in CYAF 2010.

Posted on 11/08/2010

For the festival official website click here


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