A Night in My New House

Sunday, May 9, 2010, the day I moved into my new rented flat. I used to live in a room with a person who come from the same province as me, but I have to find another place to live with my father when he is back from pursuing his study in USA. My first step on the floor of my new accommodation, I noticed that everything is much different from what it was in my previous rented room. In my previous place, there are a lot of stores and it is a bit crowded even at night, while there are only two small store next to my flat and the road is empty at night.

Since I have been in Phnom Penh, I dare to say this is the first time I have to live alone. The first day, my mother came here to help me clean our new house and to comfort me as she knows I never be a lone like this before. However, I know she can not be there all the time since she had to go back to our house in the province. The first thing I did is to start making contact with my new neighbors and learn to sleep alone in a lonely quiet house as well.

A night after my mother left for the province, my book was still in my hand even it was 1pm already. I was almost unable to sleep that night since I have the feeling of lonely, and a bit fear of the house spirits because I did not light the incense stick and do not offer food to the spirits as well. Thanks to our neighbors’ noise that make me feel comfort to sleep. They were still chatting that time, so I felt I can always ask for help if something wrong happen to me. It’s a silly idea!!!

Since that night, everything is all right. To me, this is a wonderful experience that teach me how to do something on my own and to have a confident for the thing I do.

Written by: Dara Saoyuth

Written date: 16/05/2010

About Saoyuth

A graduate in Media Management with experiences working as a reporter with local and international news institutions, a multimedia team leader and a TV Producer for a LIVE News Show. Currently, I am a freelance video maker and social media consultant.

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