Khmer Language taught in state schools in Thailand

Mr. Cheymongkol teaching Khmer Surin kids in Surin province.

Mr. Cheymongkol teaching Khmer Surin kids in Surin province./Photo by: Cheymongkol

Khmer language will be taught in Thai schools in 2010, starting with 2-3 schools in Surin province, said. Mr. Cheymongkol, a Khmer Surin who has been making great efforts to teach Khmer Surin kids the Khmer language in his privately-run schools for the last three years.

The 2-3 schools to teach Khmer language are in Svay and Rumduol villages in Surin province. Mr. Cheymongkol said, currently, he needs Khmer textbooks and teaching materials as well as qualified teachers.

Mr. Cheymongkol said he is seeking assistance from the Cambodian government to help providing qualified teachers and some financial assistance to get the Khmer literacy programs in Surin up the ground. In March, he will travel to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to search for qualified Khmer teachers and to collect Khmer textbooks bought with donations from Khmer expatriates in the United States.

Mr. Cheymongkol, a Khmer native born in Thailand’s Sisaket province opposite Preah Vihear temple, has been instrumental in the teaching of Khmer language to Khmer natives in Thailand, with some financial assistance from Khmer expatriates in America, Australia, France and Norway.

Source: Khmerization

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My Comment

I was browsing through the Khmerization blog the other day when I found the above article. I think it’s good that Khmer Langugae can be taught in Thailand because doing that can help Cambodian children who live in Thailand are able to study thier national language.

After reading this article, what is your opinion? (Click on the phrase “Leave a Comment” below to show up your idea related to this article…)


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  1. The best struggle for Khmer Surins who should voice loudly to the UN like KK.

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