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Having fixed price is better

Today, I went out looking for a keyboard protector for my new mac book pro and I began realizing that having a fixed price for goods is far better.

When every shop sticks the price tag on products, customer like me doesn’t need to bargain because I can just go through different shops checking and comparing prices. Moreover, by doing this, I don’t think that the shops dares to increase too much price if they want to compete with the others.

Micro Keyboard Surface Preservative Protective Film For MACbook Application

The problem here in Cambodia is that not many shops put the price tags on their products, so prices vary depend on different sellers. The real example is that this afternoon, I went to a computer center asking for my laptop keyboard protector and the seller show me the brand of Micro For Macbook Application made in China. The online price is US $5.79, but that shop set the first price is US $10. When I asked what price they actually wanted to sell, they claimed for US $8. However, when I went to another shop, the seller set the first price of US $5, and the price dropped to US $4 immediately after I asked how much she actually wanted to sell.

From the above example, we can see that the price of the same goods is double. If you are good at bargaining, it will not be a problem; however, for a person like me will face a big problem because I don’t like bargaining. In conclusion, I prefer having the fixed price though sometimes the price is a bit more expensive, but I don’t feel being cheated too much.

By: Dara Saoyuth

My new printer

More and more documents required me to read in order to write my final thesis proposal. I experienced handing in my homework late because of finding printing-house.

Also, I have to read and edit some articles by myself now, and I realize that my eyes cannot look into the computer screen for a long period.

I hope that with my new printer, Samsung SCX3200 could ease my works and improve my productivity.

My new printer - Sumsung SCX 3200

My new printer - Sumsung SCX 3200

By: Dara Saoyuth 

CambodiaCircles sponsoring Barcamp Phnom Penh 2011

Founded earlier this year by initiative members living in foreign country with the support of Cambodian taskforce in term of content providing, has a great honor to be a co-sponsor in the Barcamp Phnom Penh 2011, a two-day conference focusing on technology.

Barcamp 2011 banner is struggling to be more than a social networking site for Cambodians by gathering 6 groups of people who share the same interest, activity, or achievement. They are professional groups, civil servants, NGOs, Academics, Business Owners, and the rest of us who are still studying or unemployed.

Everyone can check every content in our website though you are not our member; however, with the registration to be our member, you can do more than that. You are allowed to post your comments, share your wonderful photos, videos, likes, and participate in our discussion once you become our member.

Please try it out!

CambodiaCircles : Get Connected to Success

By: Dara Saoyuth 

10th anniversary of the Department of Media and Communication (DMC)

The Department of Media and Communication (DMC) established in 2001. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the department, and we celebrated the event at the Cambodiana hotel.

The event was separated into two parts: the conference session in the afternoon and the dinner party in the evening.

In the afternoon event, there is also a debate session on “new media are the most effective platform for social and political participation”. This is the first time in my life that I became one of the debaters in the oppose group.

Please find some photos below from the event:

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By: Dara Saoyuth 

Photos based on theme

Photos telling How To

This video was made for my online journalism course assignment.

By: Dara Saoyuth

Photos Editing for Online Text

Hehe, please have a look at some photos I’ve edited and turned into photos that I think they would work well on the internet. Most of editing processes involving with pictures cropping and color adjusting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By: Dara Sayuth 

Exercise-Editing for clear, short webtext

Here is a passage that needs serious revision. Try to reduce it to roughly 150 words. You can break it into no more than two chunks, each with its own subheader.

Chesterton, after decades first as a logging town and mining center, and then as a seriously depressed community that very nearly became a ghost t0wn, is now making a comeback as a a major tourist destination. Beginning in 1891 as a company town build by the Chesterton Logging Company, the town grew to become a thriving community of over 3000 men, women, and children. During World War I, the population grew still more to meet the demand for spruce to build airplanes, so the population rose to almost 4000. After the war, a zinc mine went into operation at the base of Mount Freeman (named for pioneer trapper Daniel Freeman, who conducted an exploration of the region in the 1820s). The conduct of mining operations resulted in great prosperity in the late 1920s, even after the Chesterton sawmill shut down. But then with the Great Depression the zinc market collapsed and hundreds of workers lost their jobs. Chesterton’s population shrank to not much more than 300 souls; the town was at death’s door.

After World War II, however, the creation of Chesterton Regional Park brought about a new rebirth of the town. As tourism began to grow, the community found a new lease on life catering to skiers, hikers, and campers. In the past 10 or 20 years, Chesterton has seen development of world-class skiing at High Corniche, the North American Kayak Championships at Roaring Creek, and a booming whitewater rafting business that puts almost 200 rafts into the Old Horse River every summer season. With 1200 year-round residents, Chesterton is now a major recreation center and eco-tourism destination.

My summary of the article

From a very nearly became a ghost town, Chesterton is now a major recreation center and eco-tourism destination. It is after the creation of Chesterton Regional Park that the town received more skiers, hikers, and campers. The community of 1200 year-round residents also becomes more energetic and active than before when tourism began to grow. Chesterton has seen development of world-class skiing and a booming whitewater rafting business.

Early time of Chesterton

In 1891, the Chesterton Logging Company found the town that later became a thriving community of over 3000 men, women, and children during World War I. The mining industry started operating after the war which resulted in great prosperity in the late 1920s. However, the Great Depression caused hundreds of workers to lose their jobs and that bring the town to the death’s door until the World War II ended.

Please write a good headline and teaser

This is my first assignment in an Online Journalism course, and I was asked to write a good headline and teaser for the following article.

Samdach Akkak Moha Sena Padey Dekjo Hun Sen - ...

Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

Cambodia’s economy can grow as much as 8.7 percent this year, its strongest in a decade, propelled by a resurgence in its garments and tourism industries, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Monday.The Cambodia government’s official estimate for economic growth in 2011 is 6 percent, but Hun Sen said that could be topped by a wide margin. “There is a possibility of higher growth of 8.7 percent,” Hun Sen told a graduation ceremony at a university in the capital Phnom Penh, agreeing with an estimate by a local think-tank, the Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC). Hun Sen, however, cautioned that “unclear economic situations in the US and Europe” will affect the country and that Cambodia should diversify its economy into other sectors such as agriculture and mining.

Headline: Cambodia expects a good sign in economic growth

Teaser: Cambodian prime minister recently said that the Cambodia’s economy can increase 8.7 percent this year. He suggested that economy diversification in other sectors such as agriculture and mining would be ways to get out of the effect of the unclear economic situation in US and Europe.

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